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What are the consequences of renewing with your incumbent supplier without having someone like PHOENIX ENERGY SOLUTIONS tender the market for you?




Following the de-regulation of UK electricity in the 1990s, organisations have been given the freedom to source their own electricity supplier. However, with over 20 different energy suppliers in the UK and the rising cost of electricity in recent years, finding the right package for your business needs can be a daunting prospect.

At Phoenix Energy Solutions, we understand that financial savings are extremely important to your business. With extensive industry experience, we work with our vast and trusted network of suppliers to find the best possible electricity packages for you. As well as sourcing the most competitive market tariffs, our team are on hand to ensure that the contract is managed smoothly, all billing is accurate and any problems, should they arise, are handled efficiently.




Fundamental and important to all industries, gas is often regarded as a complex and volatile market and with prices fluctuating so greatly, it’s not easy for companies to determine what is the right package for their business.

Annual consumption, the location of your organisation, varying prices and the effects of the Climate Change Levy, can all affect the price you pay. Couple this with the wide range of suppliers enticing you with slightly different deals, tying into the wrong contract could prove costly. That’s where we come in. At Phoenix Energy Solutions, we do all the work for you. Our experienced team will help you navigate through this competitive market to source the best solution for your organisation. Handling all the paperwork, once we’ve determined your annual consumption, the contract type and end date, we’ll provide you with a full quote analysis, detailing your current and renewal rates together with the newly sourced (and most appropriate) recommended rates. Once approved, we’ll complete all the necessary paperwork and manage the transfer process for you.

Unlike many other consultancies we are not driven by our customer’s contract end date. Monitoring the market and providing our customers with insight into market changes and fluctuations means we will often enable our customers to forward buy well in advance of their end date in order to secure the best possible rates.

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